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The Monster " New York's Biggest Sandwich" (Completely Assembled & Ready to EAT)

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This behemoth of a sandwich comes to your door fully assembled!!!

Open up and feast on this behemoth sandwich.  Serves between 3-4 people or 1 hungry person.

PACKAGE INCLUDES 1 FULLY ASSEMBLED MONSTER SANDWICH consisting of Pastrami, Corned Beef, Roast Beef, Fresh Roast Turkey, Salami, Lettuce & Beefsteak Tomatoes!!! Our Homemade Russian Dressing & Creamy Coleslaw are packaged separately to preserve freshness.  

PLUS A MEMORABLE 11 oz. Monster Coffee Mug   

Also available as a "Monster Sandwich Kit for 4 (Construct it yourself) GREAT FUN FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY"